Maksure utilises the business experience knowledge of its outstanding leadership team to help our clients formulate their requirements of an overall efficient Human resources experience.

We will carry out the required police, criminal, reference and other pre-employment screenings with speed, accuracy and efficiency. The ability to obtain consent is an easier process than it was many years ago. With one site on which to carry out these checks, it makes the process much smoother and more efficient. All of the required checks are easily accessible to our database.

This capacity to efficiently streamline the pre-employment check process will give a company’s HR the time to focus on other tasks while Makesure handles the necessary research. For reliable background and pre-employment screenings, please contact us.

For specific industries consult our Industry page

Makesure saves the time from long, transactional components, pre-employment checks and other references. Attaining consents can now be a speedy and simple process.