Years ago, Criminal and Police background checks took weeks or even months. Now, thanks to improved technology, turnaround time can be within 24 hours in most cases. If you follow the three steps listed below. You can ensure that your required check is processed with utmost security, efficiency and accuracy.

As well, you will able to track the progress of your application at a time that that is most convenient for you. If the information is entered correctly, the individual will then be advised as to how to log on to the system to check their status or make changes. This process is 100% secure and user-friendly. Customer support is also available if needed.


Complete the online application forms


Make payment via Secure Credit Card


Upload or Photograph your ID Documents Online

You’ll also have the chance to save your application’s progress and come back to it at a time more convenient to you. Upon accurate entry of information, individuals then receive instructions on how to log in at any time to check the status of the application, make changes and retrieve results, with the added security of customer support and service throughout.