For businesses, Makesure takes from the experience, knowledge and level-headed approach of its leadership team to help clients design and deliver what is required as part of an overall Human Resources process. Makesure removes the time-consuming, transactional element of police, reference and other pre-employment checks with speed and efficiency. Obtaining consent can now be a simple process; and the centralising of one place to carry out, oversee and dispatch for all checks equally accessible.

This ability to streamline the check process, opens an organisation’s HR function to focus more on strategic objectives where Makesure’s consultative approach can assist. For sound advice based on metrics, analysis and considered recommendations, please contact us to learn more.

Not for Profit

The Not for Profit sector is seeing much change, and compliance and risk are huge part of the reporting requirements, but further than that most Not for Profits are providing services to people in vulnerable situations. There are often volunteers whose heart is in the right place but maybe their past isn’t.
Screening applicants appropriately when your organisation is recruiting is a good way to try to keep your organisation safe and to head off potential problems before they arise. Background checks also help to provide a safe environment for employees, volunteers and clients, and being appropriately informed will help.

Transport and Logistics

An important aspect of compliance for transport and logistics companies includes various background checks for employees and especially contractors. For transport companies ongoing checks are as important as pre-employment. Many issues can be “hidden” from management’s awareness, in the course of normal day-to-day operations. A driver’s demerit point tally will only be known for infractions whilst driving your vehicles. Will your insurance cover you if your driver is unlicensed and crashes?

Ongoing demerit point checks are the cheapest form of insurance.


Financial services firms are more stringent than nearly every other private-sector industry when it comes to pre-employment background checks. The process of screening and approving applicants before they are authorised to conduct certain activities in the financial sector has become more stringent. The Australian Bankers Association protocol on Reference Checking & Information Sharing has tightened up the requirements even further. All the required checks are available in one place and are tailored to your institution through Makesure


Thorough and compulsory Security Background Checks are designed to protect and reassure the public. They ensure high standards are maintained across the sector, and prevent unsuitable candidates from entering positions of trust and power. Qualifications held by staff should be appropriately confirmed and recorded. The reputation of the security industry is based on the people, and ensuring staff can provide the safety and security from call centre monitoring to event security can and is increased by completing the checks necessary and expected of customers and the public.

Labour Hire/Recruitment

Labour Hire companies are facing increased competition and squeeze of margins. It is becoming more and more difficult to separate the difference between the large public companies and the boutique providers. You are only as good as your last temporary employee. Labour Hire companies today are able to define their quality of personnel through rigorous background checking whilst at the same time carrying it out in a manner that is cost effective and limited in level of transaction. Reference checks to Medicals can now all be provided through Makesure in a simple all in one online portal.


The construction industry is under constant demand to fill positions quickly and at the same time, deal with high turnover. Performing background checks for employees is especially crucial to reduce the mistakes of the wrong person completing or signing off on work. A reliable screening program can decrease the risk of hiring an unreliable employee, remove risk of the bridge engineer who didn’t finish his degree signing off on work completed by your business. If your staff enter people’s homes or doing work for insurance companies, your business can be safe in the knowledge the risk of problems later has been lowered considerable.


Hiring for retail has never been tougher. So fast, cost effective and comprehensive employment background checks must be supplied quickly. Makesure provides background checks and screening solutions to help retail companies screen, verify and hire qualified employees. With services focused on addressing concerns such as employee theft and consumer protection, a well-designed and consistently applied background check policy can reduce the risk of losses due to theft and fraud, as well as increase the tenure and quality of your workforce.


Suitability to work in education covers a wide range of factors other than just criminal history, such as character, skills, experience and in most cases the right to work with children. Makesure can run checks on faculty, students, facility staff and administrators to make sure of the reputation and name of their association. For students on placements services are available making the mandatory checks by placement organisations available to the education institution.

Health and Aged Care

Healthcare providers have a special responsibility to ensure that those in vulnerable circumstances are safe from abuse and negligence, and protected from practitioners subject to disciplinary actions or sanctions. Makesure understands the unique staffing-related risks faced by hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, home health agencies, NDIS and aged care providers and other entities and organizations within the healthcare industry.