Police History Identity Requirement Changing.

We are creatures of habit. We don’t particularly like change.

But change is coming; and it’s coming in one of the most important facets of running your business: being assured that the people you are bringing into your professional life to represent you and your company are exactly who they say they are.

Unfortunately, identity fraud is a flourishing pastime; hence significant alterations have been made to the National Police Checking Service, which will take effect from July 1 this year.

In layman’s terms, the old “100 point” proof of identity system is out, and a more stringent procedure is being introduced.

The major change is the increase in the amount of documentation required to prove you are who you claim to be and, while it will initially lead to angst from applicants as they get “caught short” with not enough “credentials”, the finished product will bring greater peace of mind for you.

A cornerstone to the new system is the improbability of applicants having all their identity documents in the one place (see where the anguish will develop from?). Frustration will be a natural by-product for aspirants who are sent away to garner further proof of their bona fides.

Candidates will now need four pieces of documentation to “get over the bar”. So without boring you with those gory details, I can hear you saying, “It’s hard enough already! How the hell are we meant to negotiate this new minefield?”

And to be brutally honest, we can’t escape the fact that this is a potential downside to the new arrangement. That is, someone may be your preferred candidate but throws up their hands and puts the more rigorous checking process in the too hard basket.
This is where Makesure comes into the picture. Using a Federal Government accredited supplier (us!) set up to gather and capture the necessary documents, and the resources to chase the applicant to achieve 100% compliance in the most stress-free way for BOTH employer and potential employee simply makes sense.

There’s the shameless pitch!

So while significant change is coming, in using companies like ours, the adjustments don’t have to be like having a tooth pulled. This can be relatively pain free.

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