Working With Children

Working with Children Checks are managed by each state and various legislation. This means you must have your workers undergo a working with children check or screen if they will be working directly or indirectly with children.

The important parts include validating those that have a card, as well as getting your business attached to that card as you won’t know if something goes astray without being attached.

Makesure’s Working with Children Management check will give your employees all the information they will need to get the check, as well as correct and reliable information to attach your business. It also validates the card and sends you and the employee reminders when the check needs to be renewed.

  • Keep your business compliant under the law
  • Ensure the right information is part of the check
  • Validate people who have a card.

Roles where this check is valuable:

  • Teachers/Childcare — including administrators
  • Bus drivers
  • Sporting Clubs Volunteers

Other checks associated with this one:

Please refer to our sister company “We’ve Checked” for a full Working with children Management system